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Poetry. Michael Ives’ witty, powerful and challenging poems have been anthologized in numerous American journals and magazines. His work has the unmistakable quality of a true poet at work; Wavetable is his finest collection so far.


Every sentence leaves us with something we’ve never known before, some new giving from the mind embodied in words. His syntax is a house on fire, and like flames his words are hungry and quick, and leave nothing the same after they pass

– robert kelly

Dr. Cicero Poetry Series

The Red Dress

"The Red Dress works as a kind of tarot, shifting dimensions, spheres, and earthly elements."
—Kimberley Lyons


"Every sentence leaves us with something we've never known before, some new giving from the mind embodied in words." —Robert Kelly

Cherokee Road Kill

"The poems struggle with worth, the value of crumbling people in a crumbling region."
—Gretchen Primack

The Secret Name of Now

“Kelly is heir to both Pound & Zukofsky in his vision of the poet as a scientist of the whole..."
—J. Rothenberg and P. Joris

Michael Ives

Michael Ives is a writer, musician, and sound/text performer living in the Hudson Valley. His poetry and fiction have appeared in numerous magazines and journals in the United States and abroad. He is the author of THE EXTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE (Futurepoem, 2005) and has taught in the Written Arts Program at Bard College since 2003.

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