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The Secret Name of Now

“Kelly is heir to both Pound & Zukofsky in his vision of the poet as a ‘scientist of the whole…”
—J. Rothenberg and P. Joris

Oedipus after Colonus

Oedipus survives his mysterious death at Colonus, returning with other-worldly wisdom.

Robert Kelly

The Secret Name of Now

“For Charles Olson, Robert Kelly was one of his ‘politicians’, concerned to say into the ambiguous fixity of poetry our knowledge of circumstance, historical consequence, the city. For John Hawkes, though, Kelly was “… really a novelist,” every poem built on the conflict between self and other, lover and lover, dream and reality, memory and now. Those same contradictions have continued to haunt Kelly’s poetry through seventy volumes over the past half-century, trying always and everywhere to shut up and let language speak.


Kelly “represents for me & for many others a poet of the greatest powers & with a devotion to our art & to the shared life from which it springs second to none in my memory”

– jerome rothenberg

Dr. Cicero Poetry Series

The Red Dress

"The Red Dress works as a kind of tarot, shifting dimensions, spheres, and earthly elements."
—Kimberley Lyons


"Every sentence leaves us with something we've never known before, some new giving from the mind embodied in words." —Robert Kelly

Cherokee Road Kill

"The poems struggle with worth, the value of crumbling people in a crumbling region."
—Gretchen Primack

The Secret Name of Now

“Kelly is heir to both Pound & Zukofsky in his vision of the poet as a scientist of the whole..."
—J. Rothenberg and P. Joris

Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly is the acclaimed author of more than 50 volumes of poetry, and is widely regarded as one of the finest living practitioners of the genre. He has been teaching at Bard College, where he is the Asher B. Edelman Professor of Literature, for five decades.

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