Dr. Cicero Books is pleased to announce the re-release of the novel, The Beethoven Years, by novelist, short story writer and philosopher Robert Shearer, author of A Phenomenology of Cultural Change: The Evolution of Gregorian Chant into the Motet

“Imaginative…inventive, enjoyable.” –Kirkus Reviews

Ludi Vann, to whom God speaks in musical code through electrical outlets, who sees angels in trees, and who is visited by a Martian who lectures him on music, French grammar, and the problem of Tuesday, falls in love with a woman he takes to be his “Immortal Beloved,” the wife of the couple who run the halfway house where he is staying, but her jealous husband ends up dead outside the room of the madman, and he must flee.

Robert L. Shearer is a professor of philosophy and music at Florida Tech, where he also teaches cultural history and logic. A pianist and composer, published poet and author, he is currently working on a book on the philosophy of mathematics when not out sailing his home-built boat, the Neurotic Dolphin.