The Beethoven Years by Robert L. Shearer

Ludi Vann, to whom God speaks in musical code through electrical outlets, sees angels in trees and is visited by a Martian who lectures him on music, French grammar, and the problem of Tuesday. Ludi falls in love with a woman he takes to be his Immortal Beloved, the wife of the couple who run the halfway house where he is staying, but her jealous husband ends up dead outside the room of the madman, and he must flee. All that’s left is a mysterious letter, perfectly in Beethoven’s hand…

Who Was That Lady? by Carey Harrison

Carey Harrison’s panoramic new novel takes us from the deep caves of South-West France to the towering Lion Rock in Sri Lanka, and back again. Roland Watkins is an archaeologist who invents a new form of psychotherapy. It sweeps the world. He can save other people’s relationships. Can he save his own?

The Mighty Jester by Mary Chamberlain

Crammed with romantic and political drama, Mary Chamberlain’s prizewinning debut novel charts the turbulent progress of a Caribbean island towards nationhood.

Mankiller by Ashley Mayne

In a prose whose strength and startling lyricism evoke Cormac McCarthy, Ashley Mayne tells the story of two young Texas girls on the loose, orphaned renegades with nothing to lose but each other.

The Box and the Briefcase, the Moleque and the Old Man and the First Coming of the Second Son of God by John M. Keller

From the author of Know Your Baker, John M. Keller’s second novel explores the gated city of Beverly Hills, Brazil, capital and seedbed of the world’s soap opera industry, sitting halfway between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, a place no one ever goes to or leaves, where admission depends upon meeting a beauty requirement. Sylmara, a young actress on the brink of becoming the city’s next great export, is shocked when her celebrity aunt, famous for her award-winning breasts, and in whose footsteps Sylmara is poised to follow, leaves the community without telling anyone and immediately turns up dead. Will Sylmara follow suit by leaving, also dying in the favelas just outside the gates?