John M. Keller’s mind-spinning, continent-spanning new novel takes off from a term coined by the word-intoxicated poet, Arthur Rimbaud. Its intimations of flying-carpet magic and pierrot lunaire adventure are fully realized in this tale of Americans at large in South American, European and African landscapes. Marcus, our narrator, is a former-athlete-turned-gypsy who finds his way, along with his scandal-raising sister, Connie, to the unlikely refuge of Montevideo. When their quixotic journalist pal, Felip, gets into deep waters in his heedless investigative crusading, Marcus is flushed from his Uruguayan hideaway and exposed to the perils of global intrigue.

Praise for Keller’s 2014 novel, The Box and the Briefcase, published by Dr. Cicero Books:

Surprising, provocative, exquisitely readable, The Box and the Briefcase confirms Keller’s place as a significant American writer   Rilla Askewauthor of Fire in Beulah

Keller’s novel delivers…He takes our current-day media obsession with physical perfection and projects a near future in which these tendencies have reached their logical, dreadful extreme…A page-turner. World Literature Today