Photo credit: David Yusufov

As profiled in The New York Times—her Bethune Street home in Manhattan’s Village was a salon; Norman Mailer was a frequent visitor; Kurt Vonnegut set part of a novel in the house. Otis herself wrote and published in The New Yorker and The Village Voice; her sonnet cycle, Love is a Season, was written in 1957; Otis, now 94, recently came upon it in the desk drawer where it had sat unread for 60 years.

Dr. Cicero Books is proud to present Otis Kidwell Burger’s Love is a Season.

“What wouldn’t any poet give for a moment like this, to open a long-forgotten folder and rediscover what you didn’t know was the best of you, waiting. There are bones, breath, sex and fire in these sonnets, an eye that focuses and snaps, an ear that can hear the stars sing as well as a beetle, grubbing the earth, and the power and daring to transform it all to pure lyric.”

—Cornelius Eady