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Dr. Cicero Caps Big Year With Novel-Quartet

Author photos, left to right: ​Bradford, Suleiman, Abeyratne, Kelly, Harrison, Jacob​ Dr. Cicero Books looks back on the most varied and productive year of its five-year existence, with three volumes of poetry, one of plays (due out this month), and six novels made...

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Tiger Is Launched At The Golden Notebook

On November 7, Dr. Cicero novelists Carey Harrison and Ashley Mayne joined to launch Ashley Mayne’s novel, Tiger, each alternately reading sections from the book. Harrison also read a short passage from Mayne’s debut novel, Mankiller, and at the request of poet Robert...

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Abracadabrantesque Due Out July 1st

John M. Keller’s mind-spinning, continent-spanning new novel takes off from a term coined by the word-intoxicated poet, Arthur Rimbaud. Its intimations of flying-carpet magic and pierrot lunaire adventure are fully realized in this tale of Americans at large in South...

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Ashley Mayne Releases New Novel July 1st

After a successful debut with Mankiller, Ashley Mayne’s new novel, Tiger, takes us beyond the Texan landscape of her first novel. Introduces us to Tony Luna, a Brooklyn-based photographer who discovers a feral girl and brings her back to his apartment. There is a...

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